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Formed: Sometime during the Jurassic period
Re-born: 2017

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Dokken, Night Ranger, Autograph

With a collective age of over 200, Fugitive are a melodic hard rock band from Liverpool, UK and proof-positive that you are never too old to rock hard and never give up on your dreams.

Michael and Ranko are longtime musical partners and have produced 2 studio albums under the name of FUGITIVE. But in 2017 the band undertook a line-up change, with bassist, David Steele, and drummer Al Catraz joining the pair to form what feels like a whole new band.

Having cut their teeth on the UK biker gig scene, MkII of this band knuckled down to write and record their new album, The Awakening, out now.

Press reviews for The Awakening…

British Melodic Rock at its best… almost impossible not to hit replay as soon as the closing notes have faded into the distance… Look below the surface and there’s a burgeoning British Melodic Rock scene bubbling away nicely, ‘The Awakening’ might just be the rally call we need to take it over the top once more! Steven Reid, Fireworks Magazine

Enjoyable rock to make you think back to when you didn’t have a care in the world and a mortgage on your back. 8/10 – Steve Swift, Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine

Skill is oozing from every well-placed note, and they are tight! The production is top notch, bands with ten times the budget should listen to this and learn. 8/10 – Mike Bourgeois, Metal Temple

The album is peppered with velvety vocals and cool riffs, with guitar solos aplenty and a solid drum beat throughout. Maria Glover – Down The Front Media

This is a glorious album full of character, with magnificent guitar work and melodies galore. Adrian Ball – Rock Chic

The jams are well and truly kicked out during ‘Slave To Love’, a hefty riffer, a vocal tour de force and solos cranked up to eleven! ‘All Fired Up’ lives up to its name with headbanging dynamics and huge choruses. It’s a fine hard rock album to say the least. 5/5 Dennis Jarman – PlanetMosh

Fugitive are bringing back old school rock and metal with the upcoming album ‘The Awakening’. A rare find that’ll have you dancing and partying all night! Paul McKoy – Manimal Radio

They’re kind of like a NWOBHM band with a Dokken Under Lock & Key production sound. In other words, they’re pretty hard to put into a category, but let’s just say it’s definitely ROCK. And it’s great rock at that. The Baron – Crossfire Radio

Lovers of the Hard Melodic/Classic Rock sound should check this out…These guys know their stuff – It rocks! Jeremy Wills – NWOCR

This is by far the best thing they’ve been involved with (to date), it sees them veering towards hard rock with bands like Tyketto, Dokken and Whitesnake all on the periphery of their influences and sound. This is an album that deserves your attention. Rob Evans – AOR Underground – Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine

Sounds like it has spent all day in the gym as the adrenaline flows freely through headbanging riffs and chest-beating lead vocals. Dennis Jarman – HRH Magazine

Michael Angel (vocals/guitar)
Al Catraz (drums)
Ranko ‘Chip’ Veltro (lead guitar)
David Steele (bass/vocals)



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